Why sous vide equipment is essential in every commercial kitchen

Sous vide cooking gives many key benefits to professional catering industries. It brings enhanced flavours, consistent results, saves time, saves costs, flexibility, healthier food, extends food shelf life.

Cost savings

Sous vide allows you to reduce costs by delivering premium quality dishes with lower cost cuts of meat. The equipment also uses less energy than other cooking equipment. Cost savings can be made through less portion shrinkage, less food wastage and a lower energy consumption.

Time savings

The sous vide technique allows you to prepare ingredients well in advance of service, helping you to cook and serve ingredients quickly and efficiently when needed. Any ingredients not used in that service, can be refrigerated and used again later with no loss in quality.

Consistent results

Thanks to its temperature controlled technology, sous vide temperatures and times are controlled with complete precision, this gives the same results every time.

Preparation advantages

Once ingredients reach the desired cooking temperature, they will never go above or below this. This means the ingredients cannot easily overcook, resulting in lower operating costs by cooking in advance of service.

Flexibility of use

The sous vide technique is also an excellent way to infuse alcohols or other liquids together with the use of fruits, herbs and spices, to give cocktails a fuller, fresher and more lively taste. Mixologists can create base ingredients for cocktails in much less time compared to the traditional soak, store and wait approach, this time-saving method will help enhance revenues and give controlled consistent results to preserve essential flavours.

Nutritional advantages

When cooking using the sous vide technique, all nutrients and minerals are captured in a vacuum sealed pouch, so essential nutrients cannot escape during the cooking process, meaning more mouth-watering, healthier results.

Extended shelf life

Food cooked in the sous vide method can be cooled quickly and frozen, then thawed and reheated later.

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