Why is sous vide cooking so on trend?

Sous vide is a method of cooking where food is placed in sealed in airtight plastic bags then placed in a water bath. With precise temperature control, you can accurately cook ingredients to create dishes that are cooked to perfection and packed full of flavour and nutrients. By using a regulated temperature, typically around 130°F to 140 °F, it evenly cooks food, retains moisture, preserves nutrients and enhances flavours.

Cooking sous vide gives healthy and nutritious dishes with the added benefits of improved texture, high-quality taste, preserved aroma, enhanced flavour, and locked-in vitamins.

Today, it’s all about the sous vide revolution with chefs, mixologists and cookery schools are applying this technique, thanks to the to the accuracy, precision and added advantages the sous vide cooking technique gives.

Benefits of sous vide cooking

  • Food is cooked at a constant temperature, so no more overcooking
  • Cooking by this method retains nutrients, giving you healthier meals
  • You can cook a wide range of food from meats to fruit, and even infuse cocktails
  • Cooking the sous vide way is a simple method, bringing gourmet results
  • Achieve premium quality cooking results, with everyday ingredients
  • Prepare meals in advance, saving time and hassle
  • Cost savings, with less portion shrinkage, less food wastage and lower energy consumption

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