The Easiest Way to Authentic Kaya Jam

Kaya is an amazing coconut jam that usually takes hours to make. Our recipe makes it a set-and-forget affair.

Prep Time  5 Minutes

Cook Time  1 Hour

Serves  8

If you’re making a larger batch of this recipe and would like to submerge your jars in a large water bath, make sure that the jar lids are “lightly closed”. This means that although closed, the jar can still allow air to escape while submerged in water, or else your jar may crack or break while cooking if closed too tightly.

You can double the recipe for a larger 400ml jam jar, cooking time remains the same at 1 hour.


  • 100ml undiluted, full fat coconut milk, (fresh or canned)
  • 50g light brown sugar*
  • 2 egg yolks

Makes 200ml

*For a more aromatic kaya, substitute the light brown sugar with an equal mixture of palm sugar and white sugar. You can cook it with some knotted pandan (screw pine) leaves too, and discard them once the jam is cooked. You can find palm sugar and pandan leaves in Asian supermarkets, or sometimes even in the international food section of your local grocery store.


1 hour 15 minutes before serving:

  • Fill your sous vide water bath with water and preheat to 81°C (177.8°F) with 1 hour cooking time.
  • While the water bath is preheating, whisk the egg yolks and brown sugar together until smooth. Then add in coconut milk and mix well.
  • Pour the light brown coloured mixture directly into a 200ml jam jar. Close the jar lightly with its lid.

1 hour before serving:

  • Once target temperature is reached, carefully place the jar in the water bath to cook at 81°C (177.8°F) for 1 hour. Make sure that the water level is right below the jar lid.

5 minutes before serving:

  • Once kaya is ready, carefully remove to jar and cool it first in a pot of room temperature water (or under a running tap) so it is cooler to touch, before placing it in an ice bath. The gradual cooling is important as your glass jar may crack otherwise.
  • Once the jar has cooled slightly, give the jam a quick stir with a teaspoon. The kaya should be smooth as is without any lumps nor a strong egg-y smell. Close the lid and store it in the refrigerator once it has cooled down. The kaya jam will last up to 10 days refrigerated.

To Serve

  • Make this famous South East Asian kaya toasts for breakfast by spreading a generous layer of kaya on toasted bread, topped with cold slices of butter prior to serving.
  • For the adventurous, a full Malaysian/Singaporean breakfast experience involves dipping your kaya toasts into a soft boiled egg seasoned with soy sauce and white pepper – for a sweet and savoury oomph! Sous-vide eggs works perfectly here too.