Salmon with Strawberry, Kiwi and Feta Cheese Salsa

A quick and easy summer salmon dish by Kyle Shirajudin.

Prep Time  25 Minutes

Cook Time  35 Minutes

Serves  2

Based in North Wales, UK, Kyle Shirajudin has been working in professional kitchens since the age of 15. After working his way up from kitchen porter, Kyle studied Professional Cookery at Llandrillo College before going on to work as a chef in a number of restaurants in the local area.

Kyle is now Head Chef of a local bistro based in North Wales where he prides himself on using the best in local produce, cooking traditional Welsh dishes that his diners both enjoy and love.


  • Two, 180g salmon fillets
  • 200g new potatoes
  • 10ml olive oil
  • 30g butter
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Coriander cress
  • 100g strawberries
  • 1 kiwi fruit
  • 80g cucumber
  • 1 lime
  • Handful fresh coriander
  • 100g feta cheese


  • Fill your sous vide water bath with water and preheat to 49ºC (120ºF).
  • Place the new potatoes into a pan of salted water and boil for 15 minutes or until soft. Once cooked, drain and leave to cool.
  • Place the salmon fillets (roughly one inch thick each), into a vacuum pouch with half the olive oil, salt and pepper. Remove as much air as possible from vacuum pouch before placing onto the sous vide water bath to cook for 35 minutes.
  • While the salmon is cooking, finely dice the garlic and mix into the melted butter.
  • Add the remaining olive oil to a pan and bring to a medium heat. Thickly slice the new potatoes before adding to the pan in a single layer. Add the garlic butter and cook the potatoes for around 10 minutes or until golden and crispy turning occasionally.
  • To create the salsa, dice the strawberries, kiwi fruit and cucumber before adding to a small bowl. Add the lime, chopped coriander and seasoning mixing well.
  • Once the salmon has cooked, remove from the vacuum pouch and discard any excess liquid. Once the potatoes are golden, remove from the heat and set aside.

To Serve

  • Place the new potatoes in the middle of the plate before carefully adding the salmon.
  • Add a generous serving of the salsa to the fish before crumbling the feta cheese on top.
  • Garnish with coriander cress to complete the dish.