Vortice Carry Case

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Meet our new all-in-one and hassle-free Vortice immersion circulator carry case that lets you carry your Vortice and accessories without the need to use a backpack, sturdy canvas bag or large tote box. Designed to keep everything in one place to protect the Vortice from scratches and damage, with a protective foam inside and space for a thermometer, 60mm and 120mm needle probes and sous vide foam tape. Ideal for when you are on the road travelling, storing or doing demonstrations. It’s the perfect solution.

Key Features

Designed space for:

SV 200 — Vortice
SV 221-043 — Thermometer
SV 133-109 and 110 — Needle Probe
SV 600-475 or 575 — Sous Vide Tape

(contents not included)