Sauce Bottle Warmer Tray

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A simple accessory, which allows the user to convert their standard Pasto 12 or 26 litre sous vide water bath into a Sauce Bottle Warmer. Made from high quality stainless steel. the SBW12 comes preassembled with 12 springs, held using four securing rods.

The Sauce Bottle Warmer is compatible for use with a number of different sized sauce bottles and can be easily adjusted using the springs provided. To incorporate into your Pasto 12 or 26 litre sous vide bath, simply remove your standard base tray and replace with the Sauce Bottle Warmer tray.

Additional springs can be purchased from Grant Creative Cuisine using the product code SSK. Sauce bottles are not included with the Sauce Bottle Warmer tray, but are readily available from your local Grant Creative Cuisine partner.

Key Features

  • Sauce bottle warmer, compatible with Pasto 12 and 26 litre sous vide water baths
  • High quality stainless steel design
  • Suitable for bottle of different and mixed sizes
  • Adjustable springs