Vortice - Portable Immersion Circulator - Grey
Fits on virtually any cooking vessel up to 50 litres
Grey, Red and Black colour options
Excellent temperature performance, 2 year warranty
Pasto 5 Litre - Black
Rugged & reliable professional sous vide water baths
Available in Black and Stainless Steel options
5, 12 and 26 litre options
Primo 10 Sous Vide Water Bath - Red
Premium product for the home or small professional kitchen
Available in: Red, Black or White
10 litre capacity
Built-in Sous Vide Water Baths
Available in 12 and 26 litre options, The SVE DI Sous Vide Built-in Water Baths can be fitted into any modern kitchen worktop to save on valuable bench space.
Sous Vide Thermometer Kit
A sous vide thermometer kit, complete with temperature thermometer, 60mm and 120mm needle probes, cell foam tape, uniwipes and countdown timer in a plastic carry case.
Polypropylene Insulation Spheres
Grant polypropylene spheres minimise evaporation and heat loss during sous vide cooking.
They provide an excellent alternative to a lid.