For the Home

Uno Sous Vide Controller - Red
Easily convert your rice/slow cooker into a sous vide bath
Available in: Red, Black or White colour options
UK, EU and US mains plug formats available
Primo 10 Sous Vide Water Bath - Red
Premium product for the home or small professional kitchen
Available in: Red, Black or White
10 litre capacity
Paiolo Heated Pot
Perfect with the Uno Sous Vide Controller
Can also be used as a conventional rice cooker
4 litre capacity
Compagno - Paiolo & Uno Sous Vide Controller
An ideal sous vide starter kit
Comprising of Uno and the Paiolo heated pot
Start cooking sous vide today
Uno Replacement Sensor - Red
Replacement temperature sensor for Uno
Available in Black and Red options
1 metre length
Sous Vide Digital Thermometer
Easy to use water resistant gourmet thermometer with folding probe. Ideal for ideal for monitoring cooking, cooling and food holding temperature.