Sous Vide Cooking - The Complete Guide

Sous Vide Cooking - The Complete Guide

The complete guide to sous vide cooking, this cookbook provides you with all the information you will need to get started cooking with this modern, fun and enjoyable cooking technique. This cookbook is split into the following sections:

  • Introduction to Sous Vide Cooking
  • About Grant Creative Cuisine
  • Cooking Guides & Recipes
    • Introduction
    • Eggs
    • Poultry
    • Pork
    • Seafood
    • Beef
    • Lamb
    • Vegetables
  • Sous Vide Food Safety
  • Techniques

This book has been written by Grant Creative Cuisine, who have been manufacturing sous vide products in the United Kingdom for both the home and professional chef for over 15 years.


Gerard Dehaye

I was one of the first users of the Immersion Circulator in the early 2000’s when I worked with Michel Bras at his 3 Michelin star restaurant Laguiole in France. I have been working with the Vortice Portable Immersion Circulator for several months now, and can only praise the qualities of this device, both by the volumes it can cook and also its excellent temperature stability.

Whether slow cooking for 72 hours, or quick cooking for delicate items such as fish, the Vortice is perfect for professionals or individuals who are just trying to cook using an alternative culinary technique.

Gerard Dehaye

Sous Vide Cooking - The Complete Guide

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