What are the main benefits of the sous vide technique?

There are a number of benefits to cooking using the sous vide technique. Here are just a few:


Once ingredients reach the desired cooking temperature, they will never go above or below this. Bar a few very delicate ingredients, this means no more overcooking, and no loss of quality even if the ingredients have been in the sous vide water bath up to four hours longer than the original set time.

Cost Savings

Sous vide can enhance all manner of proteins, allowing you to deliver premium quality dishes with lower cost cuts of meat. Equipment consumes a significant amount less electricity compared to other cooking equipment, with sous vide also helping save costs in cooking preparations and personnel costs - all adding to additional revenues.


The sous vide technique is predominantly seen as a way of cooking meats evenly. However, sous vide is much more than that. You can cook all manner of ingredients including meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The sous vide technique is also an excellent way to infuse alcohols and spirits together and so is becoming more and more popular in public houses and cocktail bars.

Time Savings

The sous vide technique allows you to prepare ingredients well in advance of service, helping you to cook and serve ingredients quickly and efficiently when needed. Any ingredients not used in that service, can be refrigerated and used again later with no loss in quality.


Whether you’re cooking meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, simply add your ingredients to a vacuum pouch or resealable bag, seal the bag and then just place the bag into the sous vide water bath to cook at the desired temperature and time - it really couldn’t be easier.


As all nutrients and minerals are captured in a vacuum sealed pouch, they cannot escape - meaning healthier fruits & vegetables together with more succulent, juicier meats and fish.